Tyler / 16 / Gender Neutral
Hey mister grumpy gills...looks like you're going through an awfully rough time. Would you like me to come off anon, maybe you could vent or I could even give you some advice if you'd like. I'm fine with just listening as well if that's what will make you feel better.

That might actually be very helpful…thank you, friend

Friendo you are very important. Think how many dogs are going to be excited to see you or how many cats are going to be petted by you or how many plants wouldn't have grown if their seeds didn't get caught in your shoes. And all the jokes you've told and the hugs you've given and how important they are to the people around you. Tiny moments are what makes you an important person. Remember the little things.

I’ll do my best to…thank you. 

You are a fantastic individual. 

why are you down? did something happen?

To put a long explanation short, I feel worthless, and I feel useless. I feel as if I have no talents, everything I do is worth nothing. I’m a waste of space. I feel like I’ll never be able to do anything with me life, and I mean nothing. 

Be quiet! Your great you just don't see it but I do plus, if it was my choice I would hug you all day! So shush cutie

Thank you…I wish I could hug you too, friend.

I do wish I could see what you do. 

i heard you were feelin' down and i'm here to tell you that you're an awesome person and i rly enjoy your company <3

thank you so much.

i’m really glad that you do.
I think my trouble is just enjoying my own company and thinking the same about myself that you do. 

no bb ily be happy plz

thanks…it really does mean a lot to me. i’m just frankly feeling like total shit rn…you’re a fantastic person.

i hope you have a great day today! <3

Awww thank you so much, anon! That means a lot to me uwu And I hope that you do the same! You’re great, man :33

I'm sorry that these people are harassing you, I hope you feel better

Thank you so much, anon. It really does mean a lot to me. uwu

From me, much love.